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Monday, 5 December 2011

Wahai Pemuda !

In order for Islam to be accepted as relevant by everybody, rijal has to think out of box. Rijal must work hard to gain high reputation in education, researches, ideas, designs, and of course in economy. As for Allah has taught us the way to be the best. As for Allah and Muhammad have taught us how we should work out in daily life. Morality, the loads of works endurance, and how to balance the time spent on works, family, society and for Allah. Everything has been taught by Muhammad. Everything is there in al-Quran, as- Sunnah. Everything is perfect. (5:3)

Everything is getting so messy right now. Why is Mosleem always underrated? Why do women in hijab are oppressed? Why on earth do those walls surrounding Palestine exist? And why on earth can such issue as Masjidil-Aqsa arises when it’s obviously ours to begin with? One by one Islamic nation is attacked by Westerners!

What do you do about it rijal? Just go on telling people how bad our brothers are being treated over there? Oh yes, talking about it over coffee table while watching Manchester City winning over Manchester United? Exactly! That’s how we save a bullet from being shot into their heads!

And why on earth do we still have argument over small matters in our country? It’s happening everyday. We wasted our energy on tiny little matter which has no significant in bringing up Islam. Don’t you realize that it’s truly reducing our productivity and our mind- energy which should be spent instead on building a bold strong super intelligent rijal!

Haven’t you realized how weak you are rijal?

Haven’t you realized how useless you are right now?

You speak about al-Aqsa but what are you doing about it?

Donation? Alhamdulillah it’s good enough but mind you, money, clothes, medicines, are the least short-term help that we can offer (if only allowed to be delivered) but they are still suffering! Is that enough?

We all believe in the power of prayers. We all do believe Islam is going to win one day. But don’t you remember Allah won’t change our destiny, not until we work for the change? (ar-Ra’du : 11)

Today, it’s all about the power owned by one nation, which is controlled by those powerful races and religions. How can they be so good at what they’re doing, that they control the world economy, and for that they control the ups and downs of one nation according to their interest. And for that they can simply rate Mosleem using whatever labeled they loved to.

Just so you know, this is our responsibility in protection of al-Aqsa, and of Mosleem brotherhood.

Just so you know, we will be asked in the Day of Judgment and what will be our replies?

Shame on you rijal!

Just so you realize, we need to change. We have to change. We need to unite and team up and think about the strategies needed to accomplish our mission in this world. We always gather around and spread the Islamic education. Why don’t we scholars team up and make a long term planning. Keeping in mind that we are going to be good in our own specialized areas one day, we can use our resources for a better peace of Mosleem.

Do not ever waste your time anymore rijal.

Don’t you dare to be in the bottom-most-ranked in your school because that’s such a huge embarrassment to Islam!

The field you’re studying in right now, is fardu kifayah on other fellow of society, but since you’re in it, it becomes fardu a’in on you. You have to take responsibility.

Be successful.

Be powerful.

Believe in yourself, believe in Islam.

Islam will rise with you.

Wake up rijal!

Hayya a’la al-falah



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