A Pillar of Faith

That day I was admiring a beautiful house near my sister’s place. The design of the house was breathtaking, subhanaAllah.

Although I don’t have any inklin whatsoever about architectural design, I do love houses, buildings and structures that reflect great creativity and genius. I could not begin to imagine the sheer hard work the designers and architects have put into the design.
Thomas Disch once said,

Creativity is the abilitty to see relationship where non exist.

And I totally agree with Mr Thomas here. This house I am appreciating has a perfect combination of classic and ancient with a touch of modernity in it, subhanaAllah.

I chuckled at the thought of my very best effort in designing a house: a square box with a roof and chimney and a few squared windows and one door,
with a sun comin out from behind it!
Got the picture?
So obviously, I truly aooreciate talents of people who can design such a strikingly beautiful house.
But then, I got curious. Despite its gorgeousness and maj

estic outlook, the house was empty. I mean, it looked as if it had been left empty for years. The garden is full of weeds growing as tall as a 9 years old, cobwebs were everywhere, the main gate was all rusty and most windows were broken too.
It was then my dad told me that the house was empty for a reason.
“What’s the reason, dad?” I asked him.
“Well, it seemed that when the house was being built, the
owner refused to follow the advice that it should not be three-storeys high as the ground it was built on was kind and soft. And if he still wanted to do so, he would have to build a stronger foundation for the house and use the right kind of piling as pillars. But he refused to listen and built the house his way anyway. And now, the house is not safe to live in.”
“Wow, what a shame and a waste of money!” I couldn’t believe my ears, shaking my head disbelief.
The owner must have lost hundreds of his hard earned money. Poor him…
As I reflected on that incident later in the day,
it suddenly dawned upon me the words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who once said,
“Islam is built on five (pillars): the testimony tha
t there is no god except Allah and that Muhammad is a Messenger of Allah; establishing prayer; paying zakah; fasting Ramadan; and Hajj to the House (t
he Ka’bah).”


Don’t I see that my beautiful religion too, has pillars and foundations of its own which I should adhere and follow? The pillars that have been identified by my Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)about 1429 years ago, and they still hold true until today.
And he (peace be upun him) had left us these pillars for one reason- the very soil also known as life that we all stand (live) on is, yes, you got it- soft!
Soft as in unstable, risky, dangerous, uneven, unbalan
ced, uncertain, unsafe and could be hazardous to our lives.
And if we failed to build the right kind of pillars as the foundation to our home (a.k.a life) here on this earth, we might just end up like that waste house- all beautiful but of no use to anyone and dangerous live in too!
Yikes! Na’udhbillahi min dhalik!

Surely, that is not something that we want to become, you agree?
I, for one, truly do not want to be like that wasted house. Nope. I really don’t. Really. Really. Really.
In fact, I want to built a ‘house’ that I could live in safely, happily and peacefully; where others could come visit without worrying if the roof is going to fall on th
em or the floor is going to suck them in. I want to build a place where people could call a happy home and where others and I can find solace in, inshaAllah.
And as we all know, in just a few day, we shall be given a chance to strengthen the current foundation to our houses using one of the mentioned pillars- pillar of fasting in the great month of Ramadan!
Thinking about this special month made me become excite
d suddenly. Why shouldn’t I, right? This is literally the only opportunity that I have to strengthen this one pillar as it only comes once a year and it only lasts for 30 days!
30 days?

Yes, 30 days, my brothers and sisters. Only 30 days.
We are given about 30-days to do whatever we should do to ensure that this one pillar becomes so strong that it would be able to withstand whatever hurricane, tsunami, and turbulence that might come our way for the next 326 days (365 minus 30 days) until the next round of ‘piling’ comes- if we live that long, that is!
Oppss…such is the reality of life, huh?

And you know something else?
One of the best part of having Ramadan with us is this,
“When Ramadan comes, the gates of mercy are opened and the gates of Hell are shut, and the devils are put in chain.”
(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)
Yup, all the gates of mercy are opened, my friends! Opened!

Isn’t that amazing?
I began wondering, what is behind those gates of mercy. Do you wonder too, my brothers and sisters?
One thing I believe is that it contains a gazillion times of gazillion things called mercy that we cannot imaging having, right?
Much like what the gates of banks would have what behind it. Yup, you got it. MONEY! And the gates of libraries would have books and the gates of schools would have children inside them, right?

So, I know that I must take plan my Ramadan well this year, inshaAllah as His Gate of Mercy is wide open for me, Ameen…

And coincidently, about a week back, I received something from a friend called ‘Ramadan Planner’. It has a 30-day plan where we can insert/change/edit whatever information according to our fancy. And this Ramadan Planner is sure able to help us plan our recitation of His Book, our remembrance of His Names, our Charity to give away, our obligatory Prayers like Tarawih Prayers and many other good deeds we plan to do during this Holy month of Ramadan- all charted in this wonderful planner.
Nevertheless, I will always remember what Will Rogers once said,
Plans get you into things, but you got to work your way out.

I surely do! And my dearest brothers and sisters- you know, you have to, too! So, let us all do it together then, you agree? Let us start planning!
Ramadan kareem to everyone!

Source : Life is an open secret book by Zabrina A. Bakar

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